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#3: More Ohmiya, because they finally had a meal together  
Like the title says- more Ohmiya recs because Ohno finally stops rejecting Nino! Actually it's just because I ship them too hard. Difficult not to, given how married they are.

Title: Valentine's Day
Author: still-ciircee
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno and Nino spend the day together on Valentine's Day.
Word Count: 7116

I love the soft, warm atmosphere throughout the story and how relaxed and comfortable it felt- rather than a Valentine's day with big displays and grand gestures, it's simply about Ohno and Nino savoring one of the rare moments they can be alone together. It's sweet and tender and emotional and a little sad- yet feels so casual and so them. Also, emotional porn is the best kind of porn, just saying. This fic, it has my heart.

Title: Kyo to Kyo (+ Aiba/Jun prequel)
Author: still-ciircee
Pairing: Ohno/Nino
Rating: R
Summary: What starts off as a joke becomes something more. Underaged Ohmiya fic.
Word Count: 7800+

I adore Circe's writing and this is a perfect example why. Yes, I know it says that this is underaged fic (Ohno is 17 and Nino is 14), but it isn't squicky at all. The development of their relationship felt very simple and pure- not in the sense that they didn't know what they were doing, but that their growing attraction to each other felt very natural and inevitable. The characterization is perfect (Nino is a little shit who Ohno is hopelessly charmed by), and guhh they are just too squishy and adorable here ♥ This fic is a real gem and it's impossible not to love it.

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And because Ohmiya's love transcends universes- Jdrama fic recs!

Title: the war of the universe (+ prequel)
Author: waxrose
Series: Maou/Ryusei no Kizuna crossover
Pairing: Naruse Ryou/Ariake Koichi
Rating: R
Word Count: ~2000

This is the kind of pairing that you can't unship after you've thought about it, even if you know they're doomed from the start. :( This fic is predictably tragic, but it's the moments of tenderness between the characters and the comfort that Ryou and Koichi can take from each other that makes it truly heartbreaking. A gorgeous read.

Title: nonsensical : smile
Author: applepluspie
Series: Yamada Taro Monogatari
Pairing: Taro/Pamphlet Guy
Rating: G
Summary: When ohno gets a free moment, he likes to tell his mind to shut up.
Word Count: 790

Because the only thing possibly more OTP than Mimura/Taro is Taro/Pamphlet Guy. This is a charming little fic that gives Ohno's cameo the love it deserves :)
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Post the second: favourite authors  
Because there are so many wonderful authors! I'm still new to the fandom so this list is very incomplete. This will be updated periodically :)

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